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Veteran Career Opportunities

Salute Service Alliance Uniting Together

Kimberly-Clark's Junior Military Officer (JMO) program is an immersive experience that puts your expertise, dedication and commitment to work to make a difference in the lives of people around the world.

Industry experience is not required; instead we are looking for passion, critical thinking, adaptability and leadership capabilities. Our JMO program will enable you to:

  • Work for a leading company with top brands
  • Be part of an ethical company with a heritage of honesty, integrity and doing the right thing
  • Benefit from family-friendly, flexible work arrangements and first-class health and safety programs
  • Participate in a culture of accountability in which people are given opportunities to grow and are trusted to set high expectations and deliver exceptional results
  • Receive education and training that will prepare you to transfer to other roles within our organization

Our JMO program offers a phased employment track working on a manufacturing production team within the Family Care business. As a valued team member, you will have the opportunity to learn, apply and enhance foundational business skills that will help you advance your career.

We Help You Succeed
Members of the JMO program have access to on-the-job experiences, education and exposure needed to be successful at Kimberly-Clark and in future careers. Each program rotation includes classroom training and e-learning options in a variety of areas, including:

  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Bridging Strategies to Outcomes
  • Continuous Improvement/LEAN principles

Our employee resource group, SALUTE (Service. Alliance. Uniting. Together.) Military Network supports our 500+ veteran employees as well as veteran causes in the U.S. communities in which we operate. Through SALUTE, you will have a full network of veterans dedicated to your success. And, Kimberly-Clark readily supports continued military careers via reserve duty. Plus, you will be introduced to senior level technical and business leaders who are committed to help mentor and coach you along the way.

JMO Candidate Criteria

  • Bachelor's degree (technical background preferred)
  • Minimum of four years as a Commissioned Officer
  • Excellent service record, including responsibilities and direct team leadership experience
  • Separated from active duty within past 12 months
  • Demonstrated capability of superior performance in a team environment is essential
  • Strong desire to advance

Your military experience has value. Put it to work at Kimberly-Clark.

Join over 500 Veterans at Kimberly Clark
Operations Manager
New Milford

"I have found that my prior military experience has been an enormous asset in my current role at Kimberly-Clark. In the military, we learn leadership, discipline, and adherence to standards. These are all concepts that translate well in the manufacturing environment. Personally, I felt that being an Asset Leader at Kimberly-Clark was not dissimilar to being an infantry platoon commander in the Marine Corps. While the missions are very different, the leadership aspects remain the same. It's all about communicating your vision effectively, give the team the tools they need to be successful, creating a culture of ownership and ensuring you take care of people."

Operations Manager/Asset Leader
Chester Penn

"I'm actually still in the reserves - so they support my military career as well as my dreams with Kimberly-Clark. Everyone has pride in what they do. I love that. You make a difference. You're making quality products that people depend on every day. The operators and management really have pride in what they do and love telling people where they work. When I see the amount of tenure in this building, it is really impressive. Definitely an organization I want to be part of."

Asset Leader
Fullerton Mill

"When I was leaving the military, I wanted to work for a reputable company with values and a company that would appreciate what I brought to the table as a prior military officer. Kimberly-Clark's JMO program showed me not only did Kimberly-Clark value the skills I bring as a prior military officer, but they were willing to invest in me and help develop me as a leader in the civilian sector."