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Salamanca, Spain

Salamanca, a city of contrasts where cultural tradition and innovation coexists.


Salamanca Mill is situated on the river Tormes Banks and uses its waters to develop the best tissue paper for the market.

The Mill is located just a few minutes from Salamanca and about two hundred kilometers from Madrid which has an international airport. Both cities are perfectly connected by roads and public transport.

Almost two hundred people work at Salamanca Mill, some of these have worked here for more than twenty years. We work in a continuous cycle to produce fifty five thousand tons of paper each year.

Our main products are: toilet paper, paper towels, tissues and napkins. The process starts by transforming raw materials into rolls of paper on our tissue machine, and then using the converting area, we develop the product ready for our consumers.
The Mill has two priorities: safety and environmental care.

Our environmental care is demonstrated by using a treatment plant that prevents the river pollution.Salamanca Mill has achieved the Crystal Eagle Award in 2010 and again in 2012. Every year we work hard to get it back again. 

Our focus is on continuous improvement in safety with a help of activities such as security brigades, acting monitoring and trainings. The development training is essential for us.


Our environmental care is demonstrated by using a treatment plant that prevents the river pollution.

The Mill is near to Salamanca, a city with great vitality and dynamism.





Salamanca celebrates the International Arts Festival of Castilla y León each year. This event is known for a wide range of very engaging activities.

Salamanca is also a home to some important research centers such as the Center for Cancer Research, Institute of Neuroscience of Castilla y Leon, Central Research and Development of Water and Pulsed Lasers Center. The place is surrounded by a natural landscape and is great for outdoors activities throughout the year.
Salamanca offers a viarety of healthy cuisine and unique culinary products thanks to its natural resources.